changing the
future together

“To create a legacy, you have to have something that stands the test of time. Most developers are in and out make their money and go. Three Moore’s vision is long term. The properties and areas we choose to develop will be a combination of the needs of the people and technology.”

Our vision


Three Moore will build a track record of supporting our community and ALL the people within it. with the integration of affordable and income based house mixed within market-rate developments.

Two families with kids sitting on front stoops, vertical


Three Moore will be a champion of environmentally conscious real estate. We will continuously advance the design, construction and operation of our properties to reduce their environmental footprint.

Socially Engaged

Our approach to being a good neighbor includes local recruitment, training and job placement and partnerships with small business with a focus on kids, sustainability, the local community and the arts.


Our governance and business ethics will reflect our dedication to our broader vision for creating a legacy of positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

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the box is our motto

Become the developer, the owner, the landlord and the tenant. There is no better way to redefine how we live than to immerse yourself in your vision.

1. Strategic planning

Define the problems, the solutions and the best possible way to include the community in the decisions to change.

2. 360 solutions

Find all the solutions to change the lives of the people within the community in the best possible way .

3 . vision creation

Physically create the vision that inspires and motivates people every day to live the best of their lives.

“I have a strong passion for urban living. I am committed to developing properties that promote diversity moving our communities forward and quality of life for all people”

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