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Diversify with mixed use and multifamily real estate with the potential to generate income and grow in value.

Investment Opportunities starting at $1000.00


For generations, real estate has stood as a beacon of wealth creation, yet it remained a distant dream for many due to its complex barriers – specialized knowledge, exclusive connections, and substantial capital. This landscape of exclusivity has long kept the promise of commercial real estate investment beyond the reach of most. Enter The Legacy Initiative LLP, a paradigm shift in real estate development that democratizes access and opens doors to a future previously reserved for a select few.

At the heart of The Legacy Initiative LLP is the combined vision with Three Moore to build not just wealth, but a legacy. We are not merely investing in properties; we are crafting a future of generational income and sustained prosperity for our partners. This is a journey of creating enduring value that transcends the present, benefitting future generations.

Empowerment through partnership


The Legacy Initiative LLP is aiming to revolutionize real estate investing by making it accessible to investors of all income levels. We leverage the collective power of a large partnership, pooling resources to breakdown traditional barriers to entry.

Strategic partnership

In our pursuit of excellence, we’ve joined forces exclusively with Three Moore, a move that allows us to bypass the institutional approval process. This partnership is not just strategic; it’s transformative, enabling us to move swiftly and effectively in the real estate market.



The Legacy Initiative L.L.P targets a substantial annual return of 12% on investments, positioning itself as a high-performing investment option in the real estate sector.


Investments are strategically managed within a 24-month initial period. This focused approach is designed to efficiently generate returns in a relatively short timeframe


After the return of the initial investment, the partnership transitions to a profit-sharing model, retaining a 10% share in the profits from the projects it has invested in. This ensures ongoing benefits for the partners and aligns the partnership’s interests with the long-term success of its investments.

The Legacy Initiative L.L.P is more than an investment opportunity; it’s a movement towards inclusive, impactful, and legacy-oriented real estate development. It’s an invitation to be part of a vision that redefines what it means to invest in real estate, to build communities, and to create a lasting legacy.

Be part of this transformative journey. With The Legacy Initiative LLP, you’re not just investing in real estate; you’re investing in a future where prosperity is shared, communities are uplifted, and legacies are built to last.

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