Success is based ON mixed-use, responsible, long-term growth

Three Moore believes the success of neighborhoods is dependent on offering a wide variety of uses, and attracting diverse groups of people. Our vision is long term, and that vision must play a fundamental role in cultivating livable, sustainable streetscapes.


Three Moore wants to build a legacy of supporting creative and community-based tenants. We are going to integrate affordable housing into market-rate developments and engage in public-private partnerships to fund and construct neighborhood infrastructure and amenities such as schools, parks, and cultural spaces.

We feel that there  is a civic responsibility to contribute to the prosperity of the neighborhoods we develope and ultimately, these endevours add value to our assets for our investors.

As long-term property owners, we will invest in community ammenties that may not have an immediate financial return, but to the vitality, sustainablility, and happiness of the neighborhood over time. 


Three Moore aims to be a key opportunity to build wealth through Real Estate. Real estate has a well-earned reputation for being a reliable source of passive income. In fact, the income component of the NPI (the index that tracks private real estate performance), has averaged a higher rate than the yields of these other major asset classes.

Of the four major asset types now readily available to online investors, private real estate generally mitigates risk while still prioritizing attractive returns, as shown here.

These factors are key in Three Moore Building passive income and generation wealth with both short and long term Real Estate offerings.

LeRoy Moore


president// owner

leroy Moore iii

I believe that every person deserves an opportunity to grow, live, and prosper in an amazing setting. My goal from day one has been to create amazing projects that people never want to leave. As the world changes the basic need for community is never changing. I want to create those communities in an ever changing landscape, not only for my family but for yours as well. That is community. 

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