"THE NC" Short-Term Rental Development

The NC will be a beautiful short-term rental development situated 30 mins outside of Raleigh and 30 minutes from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in the small town of Mebane.
The emphasis will be on Relaxation and nature. The property will feature 4 “tiny” units, each consisting of 2 bedrooms, and 1 bathroom. Offering the ability to rent one unit or all for 4 for a family getaway without sharing one large home. Gather by the fire, have coffee by the pond watching the sunrise, or simply work by the fireplace with windows filled with natural light.

The Short-Term Rental Market

The short-term rental market presents an exciting opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for alternative accommodations among travelers by providing a more personalized and affordable alternative and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. Thanks in part to the growth of the sharing economy and the rise of digital platforms that make it easier for property owners to connect with travelers.
This market has disrupted traditional hotel and time-share vacation rental industries by providing a more personalized and affordable alternative for travelers, especially those traveling with extended family. The short-term rental market is expected to continue to grow and evolve in the coming years, as travelers continue to seek out unique and authentic travel experiences. The demand for short-term rentals is likely to remain strong and it presents opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to capitalize on this trend and participate in a rapidly growing and influential market.

Downtown Mebane, NC

Location, Location, Location

The NC will be located in Mebane, a small city located in Alamance County, North Carolina, which is roughly halfway between the cities of Raleigh and Durham, inside what is known as the Research Triangle.

The North Carolina Triangle, also known as the Research Triangle, is a region in the Piedmont region of North Carolina that encompasses the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, as well as the surrounding areas. The Triangle is named for the presence of three major research universities in the area: Duke University in Durham, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

The Triangle has a diverse and thriving economy, with a mix of industries ranging from technology and healthcare to education and research. The region is home to several large technology companies, including IBM, Cisco Systems, and Red Hat, as well as numerous startups and small businesses. In addition, the Triangle is a hub for healthcare and life sciences, with the presence of major healthcare providers like Duke Health and UNC Health Care, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The best part, all of this is 30 minutes from “The NC” project.

The Property and Project

The land is nestled on a quiet and secluded road just five minutes from downtown. This beautiful country property is a true gem. With 1.6 acres of land, this property offers the perfect blend of privacy and convenience, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of country living while still being close to all the amenities of town and 30 minutes from the metropolitan center. It offers a stunning country setting with plenty of tall mature trees that will not be removed.

Current Property
THE NC as Proposed

As shown in the rendering on the left, the project will feature a manmade creek and pond, that will flow behind and in front of the units. This will be a functional feature of the property as it will be a source of not only serenity, but also capture rainwater that will be pumped and filter to holding tanks at each unit, and used for consumption by guest. Nestled against the edge of the pond will be a gathering area around a very Large Firepit and Outdoor Kitchen. The property will feature an 8 ft. fence that secludes it front the neighboring properties and a 5ft. closed picket mental fence with a electronic privacy access gate along the front of the property for security and unobstructed skyline views.
The units show below are the proposed unit that will occupy each of the 4 locations on property. Each unit is approximately 660 sq. ft. with an open Kitchen/Area that will feature stainless steel appliances with a wood burning fireplace and sleeper sofa. There are 2 bedrooms that will furnished with twin beds in one room and queen bed in the other to accommodate up to 4-6 guest. Large windows allow for ample natural light in the living area. The front stoop, that runs the length of the unit, is the perfect spot for morning coffee or a relaxing read.

An Amazing Opportunity

The NC will be structured as a Limited Liability Partnership. The L.L.P structure will limit the liability of the Limited Partners (Investors) and allow Liability to be shouldered by the General Partner (Three Moore) and this partnership itself will be taxed as a pass-through entity.
The project is seeking $750,000 in capital to take the project through from inception to completion. The invested capital will represent a 60% ownership stake and will be a limited partner. This investment will have a minimum 3-year hold period before a limited partner will be able to liquidate their position.
The location of this project leads to a high projected occupancy rate due to the proximity of Universities, Tech companies, and major cities. This property becomes more than just a vacation rental. It will be a favorite stay for college sporting events, business people in town wanting a stay retreat away from the office, and locals looking for a close Staycation outside of the major city.
The targeted Internal Rate of Return (I.R.R) is 34%. The Internal Rate of return is the expected increase in value each year of the hold period. Our Target for this project is to have a marketable value above 1.5 million in that 3-year hold period.

Minimum level of participation is $5,000.00

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